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One Month of Unlimited Flying on Surf Air for 1 (1016-1)

Welcome to the future of flying. Surf Air offers a smarter, better alternative to commercial travel. By removing the hassle and time-consuming experience of commercial airlines, you can fly on a semi-private plane with no more than eight others throughout California or Texas, for an unlimited number of times during a one month period.

Surf Air One Month Membership
Enjoy one month of unlimited flying on Surf Air for 1 person.  Surf Air has multiple daily flights within California (between Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Santa Barbara) and Texas (between Austin, Dallas, and Houston). You’ll have access to unlimited scheduled flights across these destinations, hotel partners, and other perks that come along with being a Surf Air Member. With their iPhone app, you’ll be able to hop on a flight at the click of a button and be where you need to be without the hassles, stress, and struggles of commercial travel.


  • All new members are subject to a non-financial background check and will be run against the no-fly list.
  • Surf Air will also waive the $1,000 initiation fee if a trial member decides to become a member after the promotional month. 
  • Reservations are subject to availability.
  • Ground transportation and airport parking is not included in this package but may be purchased for an additional cost.
  • Unlimited flights to Tahoe from the Bay may be added on for an additional cost of $500 per month.
  • Must activate membership within 6 months of the auction date; must fly for one calendar month. (i.e. 1st of the month through the 30th of the month).
  • Only available to new Surf Air members.
  • Subject to the additional conditions laid out in the Surf Air Membership Agreement.
  • All purchases are non-refundable.
  • Packages cannot be resold.
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