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How Winspire’s Charity Vacation Packages Work

Winspire’s simple, no-risk process helps your nonprofit raise more for your cause.

Step 1
Select the Experiences you want

Start by selecting the vacation packages that would appeal most to your donor base. Our team of Event Fundraising Specialists can help you figure out which Experiences are best for your organization’s unique audience.

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First, select your charity vacation packages.

Step 2
Promote them to your supporters

Add your chosen Experiences to your nonprofit’s auction catalog, and promote them to your supporters via email and social media. Event participants will arrive excited to bid on your big-ticket items!

   Download our Beginner’s Guide to Email Event Promotion

Second, market your charity vacation packages to supporters.

Step 3
Offer them at your event

When you sell Winspire’s charity vacation packages at your fundraisers, every dollar you raise above the Nonprofit Cost (listed price) goes directly to your organization. You only pay for the Experiences that sell at your event, and you can sell each travel package more than once.

   Learn how to increase your revenue through multiple sales

Third, offer your charity vacation packages at your event.

Step 4
Winners redeem their vacation packages

After your charity auction, provide redemption vouchers to the winning bidders for each Experience. Winspire will then walk the winners through booking their vacations—there’s no extra work required for your nonprofit!

Redeem your winning bid through Winspire

Fourth, winning bidders go through Winspire to redeem their charity vacation packages.
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Nonprofits across North America use Winspire to procure charity vacation packages for their events.


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We know what it takes to throw a successful event. Your personal Event Consultant will be on hand to help you select the best Experiences for your audience.

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Your most important patrons will be raving about their Experience at your next event.


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